Nickel Creek, Can't Complain Lyrics

Can't Complain Lyrics

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Nickel Creek - Can't Complain Lyrics

I made her smile I made her cry
I cleared her head and made her wonder why
I helped her live and made her want to die
But she can't complain, she can't complain

She tried to date a friend of mine
I was at his house when she came to say
He stood her up but she took it as a sign
And I can't complain, I can't complain

We took off for the weekend, had quite a time
Shared everything we'd ever tried
I told her I could love her I told her I could lie
So she can't complain, she can't complain

She didn't care She saw me in her life
I left it up for her to decide
She couldn't see the end but neither could I
So I can't complain, I guess I can't complain

She moved here and bought the first house she could find
I moved in and we locked ourselves inside
I guess we just kidnapped each others minds
So we can't complain, we can't complain

I cheated on her with a friend of mine
There are no days when we don't fight
But remember I warned her and I'm a guy
So she can't complain, no she can't complain

[Thanks to Rachel for corrections]

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