Mike Cullison, Walkin' Sam Lyrics

Walkin' Sam Lyrics

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Mike Cullison - Walkin' Sam Lyrics

It wasnít long ago I got entangled in her long brown hair
She was the daughter of a prominent Southern millionaire
She said it was my child and plans got underway
To lock me in a saw mill until my dyiní day
So I took the steps I needed out of Alabam
I got my picture on a poster, Iím known as Walking Sam

They got close in Nashville down at Tootsieís Lounge
So I slipped out the back, I left a tab of seven rounds
Then I met a Memphis Queen with money to burn
And all she bought herself was a hard lesson learned
ďIn God we TrustĒ is all I understand
Now I got to move along, they call me walking Sam

I donít run from trouble that only draws attention
When things get too hot I ease out of the kitchen
Ainít no future in makiní a final stand
I got the need to be free, my name is Walking Sam

I ran completely out of luck south of Tulsa Town
When a redneck bounty hunter finíly tracked me down
A jury of my peers they gave me five to eight
Thinking all that time would help me change my ways
Now the Atmore County Farm is missing a man
They didnít hear my footfall, Iím known as Walking Sam


[Thanks to Robs for lyrics]

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