Da Yoopers Lyrics
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Da Yoopers Lyrics

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Da Yoopers Lyrics

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Album Lyrics: Jackpine Savage [2000]

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Da Yoopers
"Jackpine Savage" [2000]

  1. Johnny Peckanen
  2. Gimme My Allowance Eh
  3. Bowling And Beer
  4. She Don't Make Good Pasties
  5. Yooper Snow Rocket
  6. I Just Let Um Rip
  7. Jackpine Savage
  8. Yooper Cowboy Dan
  9. If I Could Fart Like My Dad
  10. Football Fart Fandango
  11. Arm Chair Quarterback
  12. Polka For Beer
  13. Can't Find Da Truck
  14. Where's Da Berries To
  15. Blueberry Pickin'
  16. Burt And Bunna
  17. Ooga Booga
  18. Ice Shackers In Paradise
  19. Why Do Girls Think I'm Scary
  20. Arnold & Arnie
  21. Super Dooper Yooper Love Machine

Album Lyrics: Da Yoopers - Other Songs [0]

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Buy Da Yoopers - Other Songs CD
Da Yoopers
"Da Yoopers - Other Songs"

  1. Free Beer
  2. Grandpa Got Run Over By A Beer Truck
  3. Little Rat Ronette
  4. Smelting Usa
  5. Beer Gut
  6. Deer Hunting Son Of A Gun
  7. Da Fish Fight Song
  8. Heikki Lunta

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