Jonathan Dale, Country As Can Be Lyrics

Country As Can Be Lyrics

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Jonathan Dale - Country As Can Be Lyrics

Written by: Brandon Green and Bigg Vinny Macc

Verse 1
I'm the kind of guy who likes to go fishin with a cane pole and a bobber.
The kinda guy who finds paradise out on the muddy water.
I like a Elle Mae with pigtails and daisy dukes thigh high and I give thanks for everything to Big Man in the sky

I'm a Country Boy, I do Country things
There ain't nothing gonna change my country ways, so don't you even think you can I
Get rowled up when the sun goes down
with the moonshine shinin, and the fireflies flying and the crickets singing so loud
All that's heaven to me
I'm Country As Can Be, Yeah,
I'm Country As Can Be

Verse 2
These hands know how to hold my lady or knock a man through a door
These work boats know how to two step on a saw dust covered floor
I gotta beat up jacked up pick em up truck with a coon dog in the back with kmart speakers and the radio blasting Johnny Cash

Chorus 1x

Now don't get me wrong every now and then I like those city lights
But traffic jams a suit and tie aint no way to live a life

Chorus 1 x

Tag: I'm Country As Can Be -- Yeah!
I'm country as Cane Be --Yeah Yeah!

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