Charlie Daniels, American Farmer Lyrics

American Farmer Lyrics

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Charlie Daniels - American Farmer Lyrics

See that man in the field over yonder
With dirt on his hands and a loan on his back
Heís the man that puts the food on your table
Heís the man that grows the clothes on your back
Were running a mile out of the house he was born in
Tending on the sidelines and watching him fall
Selling his land to the big corporations
What you gonna do when they get it all

Heís been rolled for sure treated like a outlaw
Turned down sold out, put out to graze
Heís been pushed you know when he can push no more
It gets a little harder everyday

Heís the American farmer
And he damn hard to beat
Better wake up America, wake up America
Coz if the man donít work then the people donít eat

Heís sending the high tech stuff of to Russia
I canít figure what where doing it for
We should be sending the wheat and meat and cotton
Coz a loaf of bread never started no war
See that man in the middle of city
Eatiní outta garbage cans, sleepiní in the street
See that baby, moping in the kitty
To make ends meet

Itís a damn disgrace on the face of America
Hungry people everywhere you go
Children in Africa starving by the fields
While the land lays fallow and the banks foreclose


Heís an American, heís an American, heís an American, American farmer
Never him through
Coz if he goes down swinging
You better know where gonna go down swinging to

I said the people donít eat
I said the people donít eat

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