Sarah Darling, Angels and Devils Lyrics

Angels and Devils Lyrics

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Sarah Darling - Angels and Devils Lyrics

You made it so easy
You made it seem right
I was drawn into you like a lovesick fool
You had a smile that saved me
A kiss that made me
Let my guard down
By the time I turned around
There was nothing I could do
I saw the real you

Why do angels
Dance with devils
Take the truth and
Mix it up with lies
Why do the good girls
Always go for the bad boys
What makes them want to take that lonely ride
Why do angels dance with devils

If words were a shotgun
There'd be a hole in my heart
Yeah it's a wicked game
And I know I should've never played

(Repeat Chorus)

Even though they're never gonna change
They'll take you by the hand
And know just what to say

(Repeat Chorus)

Why do angels
Why do angels
Dance with devils

Why do angels
Why do angels

[Thanks to Alexis for lyrics]

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