Brian Davis, Git in the Truck Lyrics

Git in the Truck Lyrics

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Brian Davis - Git in the Truck Lyrics

Turn off the engine, turn out the lights, push the truck up Johnson’s drive,
Pull out the garden hose siphon some gas----cssshhh ‘Hey y’all hear that?’
Screen door opens, screamin, cussin, shotgun pumpin, better start runnin,

Git in the truck and roll roll roll,
Lock the cock,
Ready to rock and roll roll roll,
Put the pedal to the medal, slam the hammer down,
Grind the gears, spin the tires, burn the rubber out,
Come on, come on, come on, come on, crank it up,
Git in the truck,

Pull in the pasture,
Dust on the dash,
Barley got away got a full tank of gas,
Pop the hood cool down the motor,
Got a call from the girls in the next county over,
Music’s thumpin, big time pumpin,
Ready for some lovin,
Wanna know when we’re comin,


Jump in

Fuelin in the park all jacked at the Red Hen,
Pretty little blonde pulled up in a Chevy,
Passenger door flew open wide,
She said “Hey big boy, lookin for a ride?”
My heart was thumpin, my throut was lumpin,
She blankly said jump in, and I couldn’t say nothing,
“I kinda just got here…is that ‘Mama Tried’ huh?”
So I got in her truck,


I said come on come on come on come on crank it up and git in the truck

Oh git in the truck

[Thanks to Lucy for lyrics]

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