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Deadly Gentlemen - Sadie Lyrics

(G. Liszt, inspired by the traditional ballad Little Sadie)

Iím just a number in here,
But in the world Iím famous,
You know my legend,
Know what my name is,
Killed my girl,
Cold blood in the first degree,
And living and breathing
Is naught but a curse to me.

Skin of alabaster and a pristine smile,
Sapphire eyes with a childlike guile,
Oh my siren her
Fire and fineness,
Made me molten,
Sated it made me mindless,
My passion dutiful ó
Stark in darkening savage and beautiful! ó
I trusted this girl
This lusterless pearl,
Now thereís nothing Iíll ever trust in this world.

Her passion,
Smothered to ash and then faded to an ember,
But I loved her still May to November,
Itís twisted what her kiss did its silent chilliness,
So vile and bilious,
That I could not be calm, but I did try to be, tried
But I could not stand back idly,
Her pretty pale lips, kissed and lied to me,
Freed that demon of mine with a whisper goodbye to me.

Something broke open unbridled inside of me,
I flooded with an ire so fiery,
The thought of her willowy way,
Powered a vengeance
I swore that I will repay.

I got into bed but I could not take any rest,
Each beat of the heart like a stake in the breast,
Each breath shallow,
Taken with an aching chest,
I lay shattered awake and depressed,
No longer mild in demeanor, steadily
Deadly my thoughts, wilder and meaner,
Angerís ember lit up a roaring flame,
I stumbled up out into the pouring rain,
The gloom and the grayness,
Ruined and heinous,
I wandered the town for hours aimless,
For nights on end I made miles in circles,
A shell of a man heartless,
Living in the darkness.

Every drop dried out of my mouth,
Up out of my gullet,
I loaded that gun up,
Bullet by bullet by bullet,
I wandered around town drinking like always,
Shadowed in alleys, doorways, hallways,
A shadow black wallower,
She walked home all alone and I followed her.

I crept up out of the gloom,
She turned to me right there,
Straight out of a nightmare,
Color bleakened black,
The world got soundless,
Nobody else anywhere around us,
Her beauty blinded me in blood lust,
I did not see the gleam of the blade
And the blood gush,
But I felt it wild and blissful,
I looked her in the eye and fired that pistol.

I dumped her in a dumpster,
Shot and rotten and dead,
Strode home and I got in the bed, blood
Boiling up in the body, hot in the head,
I finally faded to blackness,
Forty-four pistol just a little under the mattress.

Woke up and made a run for,
Knowing I was done for,
With the police banging on the front door,
I made it away by some kind of miracle
Late in the day got to the hills of Jericho,
Made a good run
But I knew when they found me,
Every man in the bar was closing in around me,
They threw me through a dry wall,
And with the red of the blood in my eyeball,
I said,
Youíre making a mess my name is Lee,
I murdered her in the first degree.
They took me to the train dressed up in black,
And I died every mile for rest of the track.

Judge got righteous,
Talking about justice,
But Iíd rather be dead than that
Lifeless, lustless,
Itís a capital crime donít do me any favors,
She shouldnít have messed around,
Just read me the papers,
Iím in a rotbox now,
Hauling a ball and chain,
I live and I breath,
But I do it all in vain,
Nothing to do here,
But think about my vices,
So I sleep and dream her,
Beautiful but lifeless,
Iíd rather be dead,
So that I really might rest,
Instead of dreaming about that
Bloodstained lily white breast.

Go get a razor to shave me,
Donít even bother to save me,
Iím thinking about you Sadie,
Coming to see you in Hades,
Iím a criminal past a shadow of a doubtlet,
Ready to die plug me into that outlet.

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