Django Walker, Down The Road Lyrics

Down The Road Lyrics

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Django Walker - Down The Road Lyrics

We Pulled out of Austin, The band was all on board
Everyone was excited who knows what lays in store
Hey look out the window there goes Baton Rouge
Nobody there knows us were still paying our dues
Yeah but soon they will

First shows in New Orleans we saw the lights of Bourbon Street
Oh the road in the morning Little Rocks where weíll be
The bus keeps on rolling down that old highway
Every night we play music thatís what gets us through the day
Yeah cause thatís why we play

And now itís raining down and itís looking in our beat up bus
But were high and dry inside and thereís a rainbow ahead of us
People say we are crazy to go searching for a pot of gold
But weíve got to chase our dreams before we are just too damn old

We played a show in Kentucky look the bus on out of town
All the girls were waving but we were Texas bound
Fast Food and motel rooms sure get the best of me
Looking back if you ask me hell you know Iíd do it for free
Yeah cause sometimes we do

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