Dry County, God Loves All His Rednecks Lyrics

God Loves All His Rednecks Lyrics

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Dry County - God Loves All His Rednecks Lyrics

Moonshine, gun racks, God fearing folks, Johnny Cash
Way off base, but down here's right on track
Lifes race dead last, a nascar sticker on a cadillac
Takin' 'er slow in a life goes too fast
Well I may not never be upper class society
But I've met God and he told me to say
I've lied and I've messed up, done my fair share of you know what
But I don't try denying mistakes I've made
'Cause I may have a truckers mouth, and I drink til I pass right out
But I'll be heaven bound when it's my day
'Cause God loves all his rednecks just the same
Just the same
A long week of all sin
Sunday church live it up again with a six pack smile and a mind that's getting all the blame
One kiss good night shows the one true love of my life on a front porch swing on a August summer night
How ever I made her mine jwith ust smile and homemade wine thanks goes up to the heavens every day
Oh he loves us just the same
Well I may fly with broken wings but that part don't bother me cause my buddies are here with a box of beer and we'll fix anything
Well I might be third but it's all class and I got friends to watch my ass
I wouldn't change a thing about the way I've made
'Cause God loves all His rednecks just the same X2 he loves us just the same yeah god loves all his rednecks just the same

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