Ronnie Dunn, Thou Shalt Not Lyrics

Thou Shalt Not Lyrics

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Ronnie Dunn - Thou Shalt Not Lyrics

Thou shalt not kill
Thou shalt not lust
Thou shalt not break laws Moses gave to us
Thou shalt not steal
Wrong thy brother
Bare false witness or lie to each other
When it comes down to shalt nots
I don’t stand a chance
I got the devil on my coat tails, beggin’ me to dance
Gonna play this guitar loud
Cry and moan the blues
While they shout out from the mountains, what to and not to do
Thou shalt not cuss
Take the lords name in vain
Not right to go through life pullin’ a ball and chains
Thou shalt not covet
Be blinded by greed
You’ll find the more you get, the more you’re gonna need
Sometimes the heavens open wide
Starts rainin’ sin
Darkness and temptation just comes floodin’ in
Evil she starts dancing
Snaking across the floor
Whispering with forked tongue, I’m what you’re here for

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