Eric Durrance, Piece of Paradise Lyrics

Piece of Paradise Lyrics

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Eric Durrance - Piece of Paradise Lyrics

I donít have a reason why Iím headed down this road
With everything I own in a suitcase in the back

Donít care about the season, just keep rolling free
Like the wind never looking at them back

I just want to see those paris lights
And watch the moonlight pave the sky
Find a little piece of paradise to call my own
Wherever I lay my head tonight and be my home

Gotta jar fool of change
4 good tires on my old mustang
Picture of my lost love on the dash

I aint the one for uh settling down
So before they put me in the ground
I wanna say Iíve been everywhere uh just like Johnny Cash


Let them miles come and let them go
Cause I donít care
Cause I gotta one way ticket anywhere


Maybe Iíll head out to the west coast
Taste that California wine
Find out how far this old highway really goes
Where I ever I lay my head tonight (3x)
Will be my home

Let those miles come and go
Let them come and go
Woooohooooo, yeah

[Thanks to Marty for lyrics]

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