Stacey Earle, Maybe That's Just Me Lyrics

Maybe That's Just Me Lyrics

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Stacey Earle - Maybe That's Just Me Lyrics

It ain't at all what it appears to be
Ain't at all what its suppose to be
Maybe just ain't what Id hoped it be
But maybe that's just me

A good time for a bad one had
Some of the worst are the best ones had
But maybe that's all one had
And maybe that's just me

Take somethin', give somethin' back
Take a little more, give more back
Give and take until it don't come back
Maybe that's just me

But a good wheel will go around
Hop on and ride her around
What goes there comes around
And maybe that's just me

Tomorrow leaves a yesterday
Goes on day after day
Leaving hope for maybe just some day
And maybe that's just me

But, here there, in the thick of times
Arriving in the nick of time
Sure looks to be about that time
And maybe that's just me

Well its about time!

Don't it just break your heart
I know it broke my heart
I say this with half a heart
Maybe that's just me

And why do it feel this way
Oh! Why wont it all just go away
Cause I wouldn't have it any other way
And maybe that's just me

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