Steve Earle, Comin' Around Lyrics

Comin' Around Lyrics

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Steve Earle - Comin' Around Lyrics

(with Emmylou Harris)

Early this morniní I was washiní my face
Thinkiní Ďbout goiní to town
Sick and tired of hanginí around this place
Waitiní on the blues to track me down
Bless my soul maybe Iím cominí around
Been lyiní low but maybe Iím cominí around

Iíve been runniní nearly all of my life
Far and as fast as I can
It may sound funny but Iím thinkiní this might
Be about right where I came in
Well I donít know maybe Iím cominí around
Got a ways to go but maybe Iím cominí around
Finally layiní my burden down

One fine day
Iíll be free
ĎTil it comes
Iíll go on

My heartís a little ragged but itís all that I got
So Iím gonna give it a try
ook out world Iím cominí ready or not
I donít wanna let you pass me by
Here I go maybe Iím cominí around
Iím a little bit slow but maybe Iím cominí around
Finally layiní my burden down

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