Steve Earle, I Thought You Should Know Lyrics

I Thought You Should Know Lyrics

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Steve Earle - I Thought You Should Know Lyrics

I been watchiní you watchiní me
I could feel your eyes from way across the room
But now that Iím holdiní you close I can see
Ainít no way Iím gonna get around you
I wonít tell you I donít need you tonight
I wonít pretend I ainít burniní inside
Your skin glowiní soft in the silver moonlight
The shadows where the promises hide
The bittersweet taste of your kiss
Itís all more than I can resist

If youíre thinkiní Ďbout breakiní my heart
You might as well just pick up your little black dress and go
Somebody else already tore it apart
And I thought you should know

Maybe this is all that you want
Maybe youíre just as lonesome as me
A shoulder that you can cry on
A warm safe place you can be
Someone to call in the middle of the night
When the ghosts in your bedroom wonít rest
Two arms to hold you tight
I promise that Iíll do my best
To give you everything I got to give
And keep your secrets for as long as I live

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