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All I Need Lyrics

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Paul Eason - All I Need Lyrics

Itís about time, I canít wait any longer
Got a winter-long thirst for where the sun is stronger
I got nothiní to do
Weíll talk about the days of old
And weíll sit around and drink beer thatís cold
We both know thereís nothiní better to do
No more workiní all day, nothiní making us stay
Except itís better here now than it was yesterday

Itís alright as long as you donít mind a good time on a Friday night and itís
Robert Keen, heís floatiní on a breeze through the cedar trees
And itís all I need to set me free

Sittiní in the back of this pickup truck
I know Iíve no shortage of luck
On this Texas summer day
Driviní through the river well it soothes my soul
Sippiní iced tea and I feel at home
Content to know no other way
Got olí Lyle on the stereo, got an endless dirt road
Got nowhere that I gotta go

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