Johnathan East, 18 Reasons Lyrics

18 Reasons Lyrics

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Johnathan East - 18 Reasons Lyrics

Struck out this morning flying down the 501
Heading out of Horry County, in the Carolina sun
Got some Marlboroís on the dashboard and a gearshift in my hand
I live a life most folks canít understand
Well, eight miles past the state line thereís a speed trap on the side
They ainít got a thing to do but gripe about how fast I drive
Been listening to some D.J. as I feel them big wheels wind
And, I hope he plays Buck Owens one more time.

I make my living riding up and down the highway
Ate in every truck stop and Waffle House around
Iíve held some women but I ainít cut out for love
And I got 18 reasons I canít settle down
Well, I got 18 reasons I canít settle down.

A black and white bandana hanging on my rearview mirror
With a hound dog that starts growling every time I change the gear
So many miles of driving, heís my only company
He likes this highway living just like me.

Trucker on the CB says a detour is 4 miles up
Two lane county highway but the road is awful rough
Got to be in Fort Worth sometime by tomorrow night
So put the hammer down and keep them lights on bright.

(Repeat Chorus)

Never seem to realize just how lonely this world feels
ĎTil youíre chugging cold black coffee, with a half a dozen pills
Hitting on some waitress who claims to be eighteen
Living on Jack Daniels and caffeine.

(Repeat Chorus)

[Thanks to Johnathan East for lyrics]

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