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American Boy Lyrics

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Johnathan East - American Boy Lyrics

Iíve got an American flag out on my front lawn
A í97 Chevy decked out in chrome
And my girl sittiní with a short skirt on the porch swing
Them kids of mine a playiní and a runniní around
With an ice cream sandwich and blue tick hound
And the East Georgia sun is slowly coming down on me
And if the rain pours down tomorrow
Donít you know that will be alright, yeah.

Some may say Iím crazy, well that just may be true
But you know I love this country, son and I bleed red, white and blue
Iím still my mommaís wildest child and my daddyís pride and joy
Hey good God Almighty, Iím proud to be an American boy.

Up every morning Ďround the crack of dawn
I kiss my wife, throw my work boots on
A cup of black coffee and man, Iím gone again
I live my life like my old man
I raise my kids and I farm the land
Sure ainít waitiní on no stimulus plan to kick in
When the world ainít so forgiving
I know the good Lordís got my back, yeah.

(Repeat Chorus)

I think itís time I said Amen, for the shape that Iím still in.

(Repeat Chorus)

Yeah, good God Almighty, Iím proud to be an American boy.

[Thanks to Johnathan East for lyrics]

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