Johnathan East, Beneath That Dixieline Lyrics

Beneath That Dixieline Lyrics

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Johnathan East - Beneath That Dixieline Lyrics

Well Iíve spent a little time up in Chicago
And that cold north wind, well it just ainít made for me
Well the bright lights always shine, between the traffic and the crime
Makes me wish I was in the hills back in Tennessee.

Yeah, Iíve been known to hang out some in Pittsburg
But a boy like me, well, he just canít stay for long
Iíd rather ride my Harley bike and camp out every night
Back there in them sticks where I belong.

ĎCause the tea just ainít as sweet in New York City
And them Detroit women ainít never been as fine
Well, Iíll be doing good soon as I leave here
And get back down beneath that Dixieline.

Well I had myself a lady up in Boston
But I couldnít talk her into coming home
So one night while she lay sleepiní, out the window I was leaviní
Bought a ticket back and I was gone.

Then I took a little trip to Albuquerque
But for three days straight, all it did was rain
Lord I couldnít hang around, well, I just had to ditch that town
And hopped a ride on a big olí south bound train.

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus)

Take me back down beneath that olí Dixieline.

[Thanks to Johnathan East for lyrics]

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