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Hey Uncle Sam Lyrics

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Johnathan East - Hey Uncle Sam Lyrics

I got a job, but Iím still in debt
My neighbors liviní off a welfare check
Got a brand new Cadillac parked right outside
I ainít complaining about the way things are
But my piece of pie donít go too far
Iím workiní overtime, just tryiní to survive
I still believe in the stars and stripes
Milk and honey and them Harley bikes
But donít tell me about your new health plan
Or neediní money from a workiní man.

Iím just a poor boy, straight out of the Deep South
Workiní hard ainít never had a hand out
I pay my dues so I can stay free
Hey Uncle Sam, donít forget about me
Hey Uncle Sam, donít forget about me.

Lord knows Iím an honest guy
I pay my taxes and I always try
To do what I can, for the red, white and blue
But I watch my money going up in smoke
They take it all and they leave me broke
Now tell me son, whatís a fella to do
If it ainít one thing, well itís another
The rich man wins and the poor man suffers
I keep it goiní, so I can get paid
Iím Dixie born and American made.

(Repeat Chorus)

I play a custom made Fender guitar
I wouldnít be caught dead in a Japanese car
I drive a Chevy Z-71
A rebel flag sticker by my old shot gun.

(Repeat Chorus)

[Thanks to Johnathan East for lyrics]

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