Johnathan East, Hillbilly Music Lyrics

Hillbilly Music Lyrics

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Johnathan East - Hillbilly Music Lyrics

I ainít ever been too big on Michael Jackson
Brittany Spears, she just donít turn me on
And I donít give a damn about some longhaired cover band
When all they play is old top forty songs
I never could get down to hip- hop music
Hell, I canít tell Fifty-Cent, from Dr. Dreí
I never picked a Fender Telecaster
ĎTil I heard old Waylon Jennings play.

And Lord, I love that olí hillbilly music
Blaring out like Folsom Prison Blues
Sung to me by some olí drunkení cowboy
Whoís down on luck and ainít got much to lose
You can say what you want about their living
All the money and the cocaine they went through
But, Lord, I love that olí hillbilly music
Just like all them Outlaws used to do.

Now, Iíve caught a couple bands in California
Head banging in them heavy metal bars
I couldnít understand a word Ďcause the only thing I heard
Was off beat drums and out of tune guitars
Now, Iíve met some real hot pickers up in Nashville
They got muscle shirts and ear rings in their ear
Bleached out hair and Abercrombie flip flops
As far as Iím concerned they all look queer.

(Repeat Chorus)

Now, I still love to hear Hank Williams Jr.
And I still like olí David Allen Coe
And Iíve always been a fan of that Charlie Daniels Band
ĎCause them olí boys can still put on a show.

(Repeat Chorus)

Just like all them Outlaws used to do.

[Thanks to Johnathan East for lyrics]

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