Johnathan East, Honky Tonk My Blues Away Lyrics

Honky Tonk My Blues Away Lyrics

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Johnathan East - Honky Tonk My Blues Away Lyrics

All week long Iíve been working at the factory
Think itís Ďbout time that I got set free
Thereís a little girl working down at the pool hall
All week long sheís been waiting on me
Iím sick and tired of this stiff blue collar
Iím fed up with the boss man, too
Iíve come down with the Friday fever
Thereís only one thing that will do.

So turn up the jukebox, break out the whiskey
Weíll knockíem back while the fiddles play
Tonight, Iím putting all my cares behind me
Gonnaí honky tonk my blues away.

Every morning Iím up before the sunrise
Working hard just to make my pay
Looking forward to my Friday paycheck
Son, I wish it come everyday
ĎCause Lord knows I was born for a good time
I got that neon in my blood
Late nights and honky tonk angels
Thatís the only life I love.

(Repeat Chorus)

Got my hand on a log neck bottle
Got my arm around a sweet young thing
Just as long as the shots keep coming
You wonít hear me complain.
Aw yeah.

(Repeat Chorus)

[Thanks to Johnathan East for lyrics]

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