Johnathan East, Laid Back Lovin' Mood Lyrics

Laid Back Lovin' Mood Lyrics

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Johnathan East - Laid Back Lovin' Mood Lyrics


All week long Iíve been sweatiní and a slaviní
Workiní like a dog gets so frustratiní
But tonight I swear, thereís just one thing on my mind.

Been missiní my baby, here all day long
But I picked a couple flowers on my way home
I bought a case of Dr. Pepper, Ďcause I know you ainít big on wine.

Well we donít need Barry or Marvin Gay
But a little George Strait goes a long, long way
Slide over here honey, letís see whatís on the tube
Canít you feel it girl, Iím in a laid back loviní mood.

We can leave the kids at your mamaís house
We can head back home and kick back on the couch
Weíll leave the dishes in the sink and the toys there on the floor
Weíll burn a couple candles turn the lights down low
Iíll do a little pickiní on that olí banjo
Once I get you goiní girl Iíll have you begginí out for more.

Now we can sit out on the porch while the crickets sing
Talk about life, or any old thing
And a little slow danciní might just change our attitude
Ah, baby canít you see Iím in a laid back loviní mood.

Now when you hold me like this I ainít got no worries
I love the way you look in my Crimson Tide jersey
Donít bother with the cookiní
Weíll order up some Chinese food
Aw, baby canít you see Iím in a laid back loviní mood.

Aw, yes I am.
I just canít help it girl.
How Ďbout you slide on over here beside me now.
Bring me that bowl of popcorn.
Iím in a laid back loviní mood tonight.

[Thanks to Johnathan East for lyrics]

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