Johnathan East, One Horse Town Lyrics

One Horse Town Lyrics

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Johnathan East - One Horse Town Lyrics

Another small town Friday night, hanginí down town smokiní Marlboro Lights
And, yelling at the girls when they ride by
There goes a couple of friends of mine, in a beat up Dodge, with some homemade wine
There ainít too much them boys wonít try
So pull out the speakers, crank up the sound
Here come the cops yelling turn that down
Says they ainít gonna tell us again
But, everybody here wants to have a little fun
Make a little noise while the nightís still young
And they ainít no rules that we canít bend.

In a one horse town, there ainít much change
Every day is just the same old thing
Thatís the only place that I call home
You wonít find no city lights, just dusty roads and four-wheel drives
And the nights are hot as the days are long
Now, I canít say Iíve been around, but Iím proud to come, from a one horse town.

Now, Ricky done had one too many, trying to find trouble
But he canít find any Ďround here
It happens every time
Willie walks out from the Texaco, says if you ainít pumping gas, you got to go
So we all take it to the county line
Out in the woods and down by the creek, got pickup trucks, cars and jeeps
ĎNeath the full moon sky
With the wind blowing through your hair, got a case of Bud and an old lawn chair
Just watching the world go by.

(Repeat Chorus)

When youíre sixteen it can sure be tough
You think this old town ainít near big enough
But, youíll find out no matter where you roam
Well, there ainít no place that feels like home.

Ah, yeah.

(Repeat Chorus)

[Thanks to Johnathan East for lyrics]

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