Jonathan East, 90 Proof Habit Lyrics

90 Proof Habit Lyrics - Jonathan East

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Jonathan East - 90 Proof Habit Lyrics

I first started drinking, at sixteen years old
With a bottle of whiskey, my friends and I stole
I opened the door and the devil came in
And a 90 proof habit, became my best friend.

The night clubs and bar rooms turned into my home
ĎNeath the smoke and the lights, Iíd drink all night long
Bottle by bottle, it brought me more pain
And a 90 proof habit just drove me insane.

Got a 90 proof habit, the Lord knows I love
That old sour mashed whiskey
It runs through my blood
It hurts me so bad, just to wake up each day
With a 90 proof habit that wonít go away.

Now, Iíve hurt some people, Lord, I canít deny
Iíve held some women and Iíve said goodbye
Now, the hearts that I broke, back so long ago
Like a 90 proof habit, just wonít let me go.

(Repeat Chorus)

It wonít be long now, Ďtil I see my death
Iíll die with the poison, there still on my breathe
Write on my tombstone, ďA Good Man Gone BadĒ
From the 90 proof habit, that heíll always have.

(Repeat Chorus)

Got a 90 proof habit, that wonít go away.

[Thanks to Johnathan East for lyrics]

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