Jonathan East, Fayetteville Coalmine Lyrics

Fayetteville Coalmine Lyrics - Jonathan East

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Jonathan East - Fayetteville Coalmine Lyrics

Growiní up in Fayetteville sure ainít no place for a child
The men work at the coalmine and the women never smile
Well ainít nobody rich here theyíre just barely scrapiní by
Few folks ever leave this place and most donít even try
Daddy was a miner, he worked 60 hours a week
Took him 30 years of bustiní rock to finally make ends meet
But he died last December with two lungs full of coal
Left behind a loviní wife and bills that he still owed.

They say that Fayetteville coalmine will only bring you pain
Make a woman cry all night and a man do crazy things
Iíve lived Ďround here long enough and now itís plain to see
That Fayetteville coalmine is gonnaí be the death of me.

I played high school football; I thought it was my way out
Two months straight my senior year, I was all they talked about
ĎTil the playoff game, on the 12th yard line, Wildcats were down by three
That number 10 just slipped right in and tore out my left knee.

Bought a house just down the road in a decent neighborhood
Got hired on at the coalmine, like I swore I never would
I married me a local gal and we get along alright
But thereís still one thing that keeps me up, most every night.

(Repeat Chorus)

That old mine is like a thorn there in my side
I canít leave it, though I sure have tried
Itís a cold, dark and empty hell
Some say itís a part of me, but I canít really tell.

(Repeat Chorus)

[Thanks to Johnathan East for lyrics]

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