Jonathan East, Half the Man He Was Lyrics

Half the Man He Was Lyrics - Jonathan East

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Jonathan East - Half the Man He Was Lyrics

He grew up in the hollow, barefoot and running free
Gave four years to his country, at the age of 23
He came back from the army, a little wiser than before
Guess, he learned to love life, a little more
Bought himself a farmhouse, and a little piece of land
Traded in that ole gray mule, for my grandma’s wedding band
He raised up a family, the best that he knew how
With calloused hands, he’d walk behind the plow.
He’d say

“You can’t get to Heaven, in some fancy foreign car
‘Cause it ain’t what you got down here, that makes you what you are
Keep a Bible by your bedside, don’t let it gather dust”
And, I pray to God that someday, I can be half the man he was.

He never seemed to worry, about the things he couldn’t change
He’d talk about his grandkids and when it was gonna’ rain
Living off the farmland, just like his dad before
To tell the truth, son, who could ask for more.

(Repeat Chorus)

He used to sit out on the front porch, in the early morning light
Staring at them dusty fields, he prayed for every night
He’d think about his family, and the man he’d come to be
He’d say, the best things in life are always free.

(Repeat Chorus)

[Thanks to Johnathan East for lyrics]

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