Jonathan East, High in the Saddle Lyrics

High in the Saddle Lyrics - Jonathan East

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Jonathan East - High in the Saddle Lyrics

Ridiní into Macon, Georgia on a Friday afternoon
Got to find some whiskey, Lord, and I got to find it soon
Itís been two days and thatís just too long
Had me a Southern woman just across that Florida line
I caught her with another man and I didnít waste no time
I hit the highway and I headed out on my own
And ever since I tasted freedom thereís no way, now
That Iím ever going home.

Ridiní high in the saddle and low on time
Getting on down to my last dime
Got a feeling everythingís gonnaí be ok
Moving quick and stepping light
I be sleeping by day and travel by night
And living my life the cowboy way
Ridiní high in the saddle.

Now, I could use a clean shave and brand new suit of clothes
A home cooked meal would be so good, to me now I suppose
But, if Iím lucky, Iíll just find a place to sleep
If I never settle down and find another love
You wonít catch me crying Ďcause I donít need that stuff
I learned my lesson, now I donít get in too deep
Iíd rather die along some back road, in the pouring rain
With the boots still on my feet.

(Repeat Chorus)

It ainít been so easy, people just donít understand
The daily aggravation of a free born rambling man
Now, I canít go back to living, the way I did before
Not everybody loves me, some folks try to put me down
And thereís places where they donít want white trash like me hanging Ďround
But, I just keep on moving, guess I donít care much, anymore
Iím just living on the highway never knowing what tomorrow holds in store.

(Repeat Chorus)

[Thanks to Johnathan East for lyrics]

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