Jonathan East, I Still Do Lyrics

I Still Do Lyrics - Jonathan East

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Jonathan East - I Still Do Lyrics

Now, itís Friday night and sheís painting the town
Wonít quit Ďtil sheís had her fill
Dancing with strangers and running around
In her silk dress and black velvet heels
Sheíll come by tomorrow and say that sheís sorry
And Iíll take her right back again
But, it wonít be long Ďtil her loving runs out
No, thereís no telling where it might end.

And I ainít got the time to keep thinking about you
I ainít got the heart to let go
Itís plain to see that youíre no good for me
I just ainít got the nerve to say no
I donít know why I hang around here
And let this olí heart break in two
And I ainít got a reason to love you
But I still do.

Everyone knows what youíre doing to me
Darliní it ainít no secret to them
Well, the whole towns been talking and they all agree
My chances with you have got slim
So go on and do what it is that you do
To make me feel like Iím number one
But, in the back of our mind girl we both know the truth
And you canít hide the things that youíve done.

(Repeat Chorus)

It would take a fool to sit here alone
And act like itís all good and fine
While youíre out there dancing to some olí sad song
And, Iím going out of my mind.

(Repeat Chorus)

Darliní I do.
Girl, I still do.

[Thanks to Johnathan East for lyrics]

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