Jonathan East, Me and the Boys Lyrics

Me and the Boys Lyrics - Jonathan East

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Jonathan East - Me and the Boys Lyrics

Me and the boys, we still go out
And get crazy every now and then
Talk about life and the good olí days
And the kinda shape weíre in
We may be a little older now
Ah, but there ainít much weíve missed
ĎCause we was born for a Saturday night
And good times just like this.

Lynn still tells them same bad jokes
That heís always told
And he still wears that baseball cap
Just so he donít look so old
And Jimmy drinks tequila, Lord
Still smokes them menthol lights
Been thrown out of every bar in town
ĎCause he sure ainít scared to fight.

Me and the boys, we still cut a rug
Like you ainít ever seen
And we still chase them women around
Like we were seventeen
We ainít made a lot of progress
But we sure make a lot of noise
So letís raise our glass to the things thatíll last
Hereís to me and the boys.

Bobbyís got a new wife now
She donít look half bad
He says she donít yell as much
As the first three wives he had
Jason, heís a ladiesí man
Just like heís always been
With his Aqua Velva aftershave
And that olí Bert Reynoldsí grin.

(Repeat Chorus)

Weíve seen good times come and go
But not much stays the same
Sometimes itís still good to know
How some things never change.

(Repeat Chorus)

Yeah, letís raise our glass to the things that last
Hereís to me and the boys.

[Thanks to Johnathan East for lyrics]

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