Jonathan East, Mountain Train Lyrics

Mountain Train Lyrics - Jonathan East

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Jonathan East - Mountain Train Lyrics

Late at night I listen as it rolls on down the line
The sound of that old mountain train I’ve heard 1,000 times
Well, its whistle’s like a dagger cuttin’ through that summer breeze
And its engine’s like the voice of God that brings me to my knees
Well, I used to sit and watch it as it headed down the track
I’d wonder what it’s haulin’ and when it’s comin’ back
Livin’ in them backwoods, nearly every day’s the same
And there ain’t much to see, except that danged ol’ mountain train.

Mountain train I can hear you as you roll on through my mind
I wish you’d take my troubles here and haul ‘em far behind
The sounds you bellow out are both so lonesome and so cold
Makes me wish I had someone just lying here to hold.

There’s a gal up on that mountain pretty as the breath of spring
I saved up a half a year to buy that girl a ring
But she found herself another man who rode in on the train
And I knew life for me up there would never be the same.
Well I found them out one evening it was several miles from home
Walkin’ on that dusty trail, just standin’ there alone
So I pulled out my rifle before they ever said a word
And the sound of that ol’ whistle was the last thing that they heard.

(Repeat Chorus)

Well, they found me on that mountain there and they put me away
Now I sit here in this prison waitin’ for my judgment day
And every night I listen as I hear it closin’ in
The sound of that ol’ mountain train I’ll never see again.

(Repeat Chorus)

[Thanks to Johnathan East for lyrics]

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