Jonathan East, Old Honky Tonker Lyrics

Old Honky Tonker Lyrics - Jonathan East

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Jonathan East - Old Honky Tonker Lyrics

Well, we ride into town in a beat up van
Got our name on the side like a rock ní roll band
Staring out a cracked windshield with one headlight
Got our guitars tuned and weíre rearing to go
Down to Larson City for a three hour show
Well, if we ainít half bad, I know theyíre gonna treat us right
Now, whatever made me want to live like this
Got to get stoned just to get my fix
Like it or not, there ainít no turning around
Like a freight train rolling out through the night
Got the pedal to the metal, honey hold on tight
This gypsy life, I know, wonít let me down.

See I was born to be a guitar picker
Guess I had a soft spot for the women and liquor
Itís a wonder how Iíve kept my sanity
Iíve played in every bar from here to Memphis
Drinkiní like Hank and singing like Elvis
The folks out West didnít think a whole lot of me
Guess an old Honky Tonkerís about all Iíll ever be.

Well, I had a little woman back in San Antone
Times got rough and I moved on
Left her crying in a trailer by the county line
So, I bought a guitar and I found me a band
I grew out my beard became a traveliní man
Doing one night shows in any place we could find
At county fairs and biker clubs
Sing about whiskey, fast women and love
Itís all about the same just as long as we can make a buck
Yeah, we play it fast and we play it slow
From Mustang Sally down to Curtis Lowe
And when the bottles fly we just smile and turn it up.

(Repeat Chorus)

Well the night is young and the beer is cold
The women are sweet and my lines are old
But, it all comes together when we get down and start to play
Guess thereís something about the sound of a Gibson flat top
Crankiní out loud, just a pickiní it non-stop
Get on the floor and two-step the night away.

(Repeat Chorus)

[Thanks to Johnathan East for lyrics]

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