Jonathan East, Once in a Blue Moon Lyrics

Once in a Blue Moon Lyrics - Jonathan East

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Jonathan East - Once in a Blue Moon Lyrics

I hardly ever talk about you
Seldom do you cross my mind
When people ask me, how Iím holding up
Well, I just smile and say Iím fine
Itís not too often I get lonely
Got more friends than I can count
Well, Iím the life of every party
Seems like Iím always going out.

Once in a blue moon, I think about you
And all the memories start to flood my mind again
Tears fill my brown eyes and pretty soon I realize
The best thing I had, was the love I had back then
And my heart breaks, every time
Lord, itís always the same old tune
Well, I go crazy, once in a blue moon.

Now, Darling donít you worry about me
ĎCause I got everything I need
I keep a bottle in the bedroom
By a stack of Christmas cards, I hardly ever read
I took you clothes out of the closet
I took your picture off my wall
Time has healed most of the heartache
And I can barely feel the pain at all.

(Repeat Chorus)

Well, I donít sit up in the evening
And I donít ever walk the floor
Hardly ever find a reason
To feel this heartache anymore.

(Repeat Chorus)

I still go crazy, once in a blue moon.

[Thanks to Johnathan East for lyrics]

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