Jonathan East, One Nation Under God Lyrics

One Nation Under God Lyrics - Jonathan East

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Jonathan East - One Nation Under God Lyrics

Well, they took the Ten Commandments from the courtroom
And thatís got lots of good folks kinda mad
They want to kill the Golden Rule, take the prayer out of our schools
And do away with all the freedoms that we have
Now, they say weíve got to learn to all speak Spanish
And they even want to change the dollar bill
Say we got to show respect, be politically correct
But, I ainít scared to tell Ďem how I feel.

This is one Nation under God
And Iím proud to believe it
If you donít like our Countryís ways
Youíre free to leave it
We got people of all types
Who just love them stars and stripes
Itís one nation under God and we wonít change.

Yes Sir.

I hear people talking bad Ďbout our soldiers
Some olí liberal who donít believe in war
But, those troops who die for you and me, to keep this country going free
I can tell you, brother, thatís worth fighting for
Then I read about some egghead politician
ĎComing up with new ideas each day
Some power hungry maniac, whose down with this and down with that
Now, they want to try and take my guns away.

(Repeat Chorus)

We finally got Saddam right where we want him
You can score one up for the good olí USA
And if you donít like the way, we do things Ďround here
You can pack your bags and ride away.

(Repeat Chorus)

Itís one Nation under God and we wonít change.

[Thanks to Johnathan East for lyrics]

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