Jonathan East, Ramblin' Bone Lyrics

Ramblin' Bone Lyrics - Jonathan East

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Jonathan East - Ramblin' Bone Lyrics

Well I was born out past the railroad track
Struck out one evening and I ainít been back
This olí highway has been my home
Lord knows I got a rambliní bone.

People tell me Iím a different breed
ĎCause this old guitar is all I need
I leave Ďem cryiní with a sad old song
Son I was born with a rambliní bone
Yeah, I was born with a rambliní bone.

Ridiní high and rolliní with the wind
Call me crazy but I wonít be back again
Iím just a gypsy honey, Iím a rolling stone
Iím born to ride this highway, I got a rambliní bone.

I found Heaven on a lost highway
She made it hard, but I just couldnít stay
I loved her so, but I had to roll on
Now Iím on the road with a rambliní bone.

Blue skies and blacktop are all I know
I make my home everywhere I go
Faith in the good Lord to keep me strong
I guess Iíll die with a rambliní bone
Iíll probably die with a rambliní bone.

(Repeat Chorus)

[Thanks to Johnathan East for lyrics]

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