Jonathan East, Sweet Country Lovin' Lyrics

Sweet Country Lovin' Lyrics - Jonathan East

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Jonathan East - Sweet Country Lovin' Lyrics

That full moon is shining bright
Sure looks like the perfect night
To throw a saddle on that olí mare
And ride down to the creek
You can put them blue jeans on
And Iíll sing you a country song
ĎBout a heart thatís always true
And a love so deep
Watch the saw grass start to sway and let the whole world float away.

Out passed the woods on a blanket in the holler
Underneath the stars way down by the water
Weíll build a little fire just to watch it burn
And sit right there Ďtil dawn
Kick your boots off, darliní just lay back
Listen to that freight train coming Ďround that old track

Girl, I tell you, there ainít nothing
Like that sweet country loviní.

Ainít no place Iíd rather be
Than layiní here with you beside me
Wrapped up there in your arms
Like I ainít got a care
Weíll fall asleep while the hound dogs bark
Fire flies danciní off in the dark
And the smell of sweet magnolia blooms
Filliní up that summer air
Boy, to tell the truth, I just want to stay with you.

(Repeat Chorus)

Boy, I tell you, there ainít nothing
Like this sweet country loviní

(Repeat Chorus)

Girl, I tell you, there ainít nothing
Like this sweet country loviní
Sweet country loviní

[Thanks to Johnathan East for lyrics]

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