Jonathan East, That's Just Country Lyrics

That's Just Country Lyrics - Jonathan East

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Jonathan East - That's Just Country Lyrics

Thirty miles from Talladega back in the spring of Ď84
Momma raised us by the Good Book and kept a 12 gauge by the door
People said that she was crazy, liviní out there on the farm
Had a spit cup on the dashboard and Bear Bryant tattooed on her arm.

(Chorus 1)
Thatís just country like the dogwoods and the pine trees growiní wild
Like a red dirt on a little barefoot child, itís kinda funny
Thatís just country, like the fiddles in the music that we love
Like the reckless streak that running through our blood
Thatís just country.

Daddy got up every morning, headed straight out to the field
Workiní hard to make a dollar when times were tough and life was real
Then heíd come home in the evening, an aching back and a troubled mind
Watch the sun fade in the west sky, sinkiní down beneath the pines.

(Repeat Chorus 1)

Grandma made us cathead biscuits, ham and chicken, always fried
Sop it up with red eye gravy, a stick of butter on the side
Then Iíd pull out that old guitar, bend some strings and pick a tune
Play a little mountain music, beneath an Alabama moon.

(Chorus 2 )
Thatís just country, like a freight train just a rolliní down the track
Like them dusty boots and faded old straw hats, itís kinda funny
Thatís just country, like turnip greens and mommaís homemade pie
Well I reckon Iíll be downhome Ďtil I die
Thatís just country.

(Repeat Chorus 1)

[Thanks to Johnathan East for lyrics]

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