Angela Easterling, Maria, My Friend Lyrics

Maria, My Friend Lyrics

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Angela Easterling - Maria, My Friend Lyrics

She was my brother's girl, green-eyed and chestnut curls
We'd ride in his car, under the stars, our hair in the wind.
And he never knew a thing, but she would take off his ring
Put her hand in mine, sneak out some cheap wine and make my head spin.

CHOR: Oh Maria, my friend. Oh Maria, when will this end?

But she was a warrior, and I'm just a small town girl
So when she confessed, she was heading out west, I did not understand.
I'll never forget the sight, my tears blurring her taillights,
As I watched her go, leave all that we know, I just couldn't jump in.

So many years gone by. I married a real nice guy.
Guess I've got a good life, try to be a good wife, but it's empty within.
Oh Maria, I ache for you. This pain is still fresh and true
It pierces like swords, it sears and it roars, under my skin.

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