Bleu Edmondson, Black And White Lyrics

Black And White Lyrics

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Bleu Edmondson - Black And White Lyrics

Lay down mama get some rest, thereís not much more than you can do
Gonna lose the house, pop aint comin back, God and luck will pull us through.
Iím almost 18, school aint workin out never did much for me anyhow.
Iím gonna find some work, thereís gotta be life left in this town

I beat the street all day long, but they all got death in their eyes
There aint no work and it donít look good, we gotta compromise
There was a man last week down at the school with a real nice uniform
Said I could sign my name and be reborn

Some folks live in the black and white folks like us survive in the gray
Thereís a voice out in the distance that says weíre gonna be ok
So keep that cross around your neck and remember what we say
All good things come with the light of day.

Iím gonna pack you up and send you out to Uncle Jackís near Abilene
Said theyíd put you up Ďtil I get back though I donít know when itíll be.
But donít you cry or worry too bad Iíll be a lion from a lamb
trust me mama this aint no Vietnam


Iím gonna head downtown to meet the bus today Iím bound for Caroline
Keep me deep in your heart and know you live in mine.


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