Bleu Edmondson, Blood Red Lincoln Lyrics

Blood Red Lincoln Lyrics

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Bleu Edmondson - Blood Red Lincoln Lyrics

Hey little girl are you ready to roll,
The weight of the world is runnin night patrol,
But keep your faith there’s mercy up around the bend.

Where the girls are shakin hard,
The boys are getting crazy,
You’ll get loose and I’ll get hazy,
Hold on tight it’s the halleluiah rodeo.

When your life seems dirty and strange,
Just one dance will make it all change,
And we’ll bust up the night ‘til the stars come tumblin down.

Everybody’s smilin steady been drinkin
Suicide doors on a blood red Lincoln,
Some get saved and some get lost runnin from a broken heart.

But there’s love and music in the air tonight,
The Comanche moon rises full and bright,
Souls are on fire, some get born, baby don’t let me go.

Your eyes whisper something baby soft and low,
Your heart is beatin faster ready to blow,
Fireflies burn up the night to the beat of the band.

In this world full of strangers gunnin for you,
And faithless promises that don’t come true.
Your Kiss….your hope…..this night…. is everything.


Through force desire, wind and fire
every mile we’ve walked has led us to tonight.


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