Bleu Edmondson, Life On The Outside Lyrics

Life On The Outside Lyrics

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Bleu Edmondson - Life On The Outside Lyrics

When it hurts so bad I think my heart will explode,
mad at the clock cause it moves so slow
They say to stand up tall, but Iím all out of pride,
Itís another day, life on the outside.

The forgotten man with the wasted voice,
I go to work each day, cause I aint got no choice
I have so much to give, I feel weak and crucified
Itís my cross to bear, life on the outside.

Now I live where the fragile dreamers go
And Iím screamin as the ragin river flows
ĎTil the barefoot angel comes with glory on her tongue.

I walk this town in another manís skin,
Battered, bruised, and torn, sufferin
And the people on the street wonít look me in the eye
Thereís a bitter wind, life on the outside.


Stranded, branded, a warm heart turned to stone, gettin wasted all alone
So tell me some day it wonít be this way, ramblers tramps and
Thieves walking wounded dressed like me.


On the broken nights, I walk the railroad track
And maybe some day I just wonít turn back.

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