Bleu Edmondson, Riot Night Lyrics

Riot Night Lyrics

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Bleu Edmondson - Riot Night Lyrics

Twilight strollers and the rock n rollers oh how they shine so bright
The cops watch close just to make sure it all goes down all right
Well poor David, oh poor David you locked your doors up tight
And moved the neon circus way downtown.

Greenville ave is smokin just like the fires out in Cali,
The University girls dressed hot theyíre out lookin for a rally,
Well young lovers laugh like they always do at drunk jesters out on the avenue,
Theyíve been drinking to forget since the sun went down.

Itís riot night, oh itís riot night better know just who you are
Itís riot night, oh itís riot night so baby donít stray too far.

Now the place is getting wildÖ..ahÖ.and even wilder yet
That girl dancin on the bar they call her the queen of Lafayette
They say she rolled into town one night and
Shown like a diamond in the summer star light
Now the boys are fight for a peek at her charms.


Now the joint is packed tight with paper kings and queens
Their eyes filled up with smoky distant things,
Now darlin finish your drink cause we know the score
Weíre gonna make a run hard for that back door
I know a place where we can go just hold my arm

Donít hold your breath now honey cause we got all night
And we ainít goin home this time Ďtil we see the early light
Thereís a bottle in the back of my car youíve got faith and Iíve got a guitar
Now take those high heels off and climb on my back.


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