The Everybodyfields, Lonely Anywhere Lyrics

Lonely Anywhere Lyrics

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The Everybodyfields - Lonely Anywhere Lyrics

Iím sorry, you're angry
Good night and good bye

But we need to keep looking into
Each otherís eyes,
Even though it hurts to see the one you love
But can't help despise

Start writing
Make a list of your plans for the year
And send me a little note in the mail
When my name appears on your list
Of things to do
If you ever can see past you
Iíll keep some days clear

And I can be lonely here
Yes I can be lonely anywhere
And I can be lonely here
And I can be lonely

I walk in
You walk out of rooms everywhere
Iím talking
Youíre looking through me
With a blank stare
And I canít help but ask if today would be my last
Would you care?

And I can be lonely here
And I can be lonely anywhere
Yes I can be lonely
And I can be lonely

[Thanks to Sarah for lyrics]

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