Faubush Hill, Whippoorwills Lyrics

Whippoorwills Lyrics

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Faubush Hill - Whippoorwills Lyrics

There's an angel beside me
asleep on my pillow
sends a chill thru my heart
like a breeze thru the window
as raindrops and fireflies dance in the yard
as long as the sky holds the moon and the stars
I'll love you

There's an angel beside me
when I'm driving my car
I don't know where we're going
but we know who we are
and the trees by the freeway all wave us goodbye
as long as the sun puts the bright in the sky
I'll love you

There's not a battle, I wouldn't fight
for a night in your dreams
to read the books that you write
you run like a river
deep through my veins
when we stumble and fall
we bleed just the same
as long as the whippoorwills call their own names
I'll love you

There's an angel beside me
whenever I cry
A fountain of rainbows
I drink from your smile
I wish I could hold all the love in your eyes
as long as our hearts beat along side by side
I'll love you
I'll love you

[Thanks to Kevin Dalton for lyrics]

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