Chris Filer, Say Goodbye Lyrics

Say Goodbye Lyrics

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Chris Filer - Say Goodbye Lyrics

Dennis Dearing/ Bill Filer/ Chris Filer

Itís been a long night
The screaming was so loud
It seems all we do is fight
Canít remember what about

I donít want this anymore
Iíve never felt like this before
And Iím starting to believe
Maybe we should leave
We should leave

And say goodbye to this life weíre leading
Every word leaves our hearts bleeding
And wounded on the ground
Our lives turned upside down

And say goodbye to blaming each other
We need to let our hearts recover
Move selfish out the door
Welcome love a little more
So letís make up tonight and say goodbye

Gotta find a way
Letís learn to love and trust
Move on to better days
With what Godís planned for us

So letís hit our knees and pray
There is no other way
Now weíre starting to believe
Maybe we should leave
We should leave
So baby hold my hand
Letís get out while we can

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