John Fogerty, Broken Down Cowboy Lyrics

Broken Down Cowboy Lyrics

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John Fogerty - Broken Down Cowboy Lyrics

If I was a gamblin' man
Never would have let you play your hand
With a broken-down cowboy like me.
Cause you never can trust your luck,
He's bad news in a pickup truck
That broken down cowboy like me.

He's played every card he's got,
Had a good hand , but he messed it up,
With that bum-around, tumble-down heart.
Saddle bags full of pain,
He carries them around just like a middle name,
A losin' streak waitin' for dark.

Oh, he'll string you along, sing you a lonesome song,
But he'll wind up alone again.

No matter how hard you try,
Never gonna let you get inside,
That tumble-down, broken-down heart
It's a tough-ridin' rodeo,
Mean horse threw him a long time ago
A broken down cowboy like me.


If I was a gamblin' man,
Never would have let you play that hand, With a broken down cowboy like me

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