Kevin Fowler, High On The Hog Lyrics

High On The Hog Lyrics

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Kevin Fowler - High On The Hog Lyrics

Girl until the day I met you my heart was feeliní down
I was lookiní for a lover who wouldnít like any other
And thinkiní she could never be found
I was searchiní high and low, honey donít you know You were all I was lookiní for
Then you came along and my luck started changiní Iím feeliní like never before

You were lonely, you were only in my dreams
Were so lonely, aw but now you got me liviní so High on the hog,
girl you got me feeliní like Iím the top dog, like Iíve
died and gone to heaven
Iím on cloud nine, liviní mighty fine
Youíre all I ever wanted but thought Iíd never find High on the hog,
my feet ainít even touchiní the ground

Well, once I was a poor man never thought that love was ever gonna come my way
Yea, the bottom of the barrel was all I ever saw I was sinkiní lower every day
Not a penny to my name,
my life ainít been the same since you came walkiní through my door
Now Iím here in high cotton, Iím
liviní mighty large,
Iím grinniní like never before

(chorus twice)

My feet ainít even touchiní the ground
Yea, my feet ainít even touchiní the ground

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