Kevin Fowler, Honky Tonk Junkie Lyrics

Honky Tonk Junkie Lyrics

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Kevin Fowler - Honky Tonk Junkie Lyrics

Verse 1:
I used to only do it when I partied with my friends
or once or twice a month you know just every now and then
I started needing more and more till I did it everyday
It soon became a habit that I just couldn't seem to shake

I get the jonesin for Jones
I got a hankerin for Hank
yeah when I'm feeling down I need them around
to help me through the pain
Anytime that I wanna get stoned all I need is a sad sad song
Its the only fix for the Honky Tonk Junkie like me

Verse 2:
The first step to recovery is admitting that your hooked
I've tried every twelve step program Ive read every self help book
but there ain't no cure for an addict who ain't ready to give it up
No I can't put it down that old lonesome sound
I just can't get enough

Chorus: x2

Its the only fix for the Honky Tonk Junkie like me

[Thanks to Jonna from Texas for lyrics]

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