John Fullbright, I Only Pray At Night Lyrics

I Only Pray At Night Lyrics

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John Fullbright - I Only Pray At Night Lyrics

I Only Pray At Night when the world disappears
Put away and out of sight, I confront my fears
I am proud, I am strong, Iím endowed just as long
As itís light, I only pray
At night

I only try so hard to make you understand
Iíve got an unmarked card, youíve got the upper hand
Iím afraid to behave in a way that would leave me scarred
I only try
So hard

And itís funny, ainít it funny, what ainít funny in the dark
Its a mystery to me what my mind will see
And itís something, ainít it something, when you miss that mark
And you get down on your knees to pray

I only fly so high until I come back down
Only travel so far until I turn around
If you canít wait for me to land go on ahead I understand
If you canít try, I only fly
So high

Make me cry, cry, cry

I donít know where to go when it donít seem rightÖ

I only fly so high
I only try so hard
I Only Pray At Night.

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