Mary Gauthier, Good-Bye Lyrics

Good-Bye Lyrics

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Mary Gauthier - Good-Bye Lyrics

Mary Gauthier

Born a bastard child in New Orleans
to a woman I've never seen
I don't know if she ever held me
all I know is that she let go of me

I passed thru like thunder
I passed thru like rain
passed out from under
good-bye could have been my family name

Every time I settle down it happens
I get a restless feeling I can't control
I hit the wall, then I hit the highway
I've got the curse of a gypsy on my soul

So I move thru like thunder
I move thru like rain
moving out from under
good-bye could have been my family name

I can't break free of the winds the blow me
they roll in like a Gulf Coast Hurricane
I'd love to stay now but I don't know how
hold me honey till I'm gone again

When it's time to leave forever
I pray the Lord don't take me slow
I don't know where I'm going
I just wanna say good-bye and go

And I'll move thru like thunder
push thru like rain
pushing out from down under
good-bye could've been my family name

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